Who's behind Scilly Local Food?

Scilly Local Food was created by Kylie Carter on St Mary’s, who runs Salakee Farm, and Jonathan Smith on St Martin’s, who runs Scilly Organics. Claudia Smith kindly created this website.

Kylie from Salakee Farm

Kylie runs Salakee Farm on St Mary’s with her partner Dave. They run their farm according to regenerative agriculture principles and care deeply about soil health and the natural environment on Scilly. Kylie was the main driver setting up the Taste of Scilly produce market in 2019 and hopes to build on this in future years. With a passion for quality, local produce and especially eating it, Kylie is constantly looking at improving people’s access to delicious local food.

Jonathan from Scilly Organics

Jonathan has run Scilly Organics since 2003 and is passionate about quality local food. He was instrumental in previous local food directories in 2004 and 2009. On a few sandy acres he grows organic vegetables, fruit and flowers on St Martin’s, all of which is sold on the Islands. 

Non-profit group Transition Scilly

Transition Scilly is a non-profit community group that encourages low carbon living. The Community Orchard at Trenoweth is run by the group, and it has supported many local food initiatives in the past. It also supports renewable energy, energy saving, low carbon travel and much more.

Credits: website design by Claudia Smith, photos on the website by Megan Gallagher, aerial photos by Above and Below Imagery. Thank you to all of you for freely supporting this project.